Heads and Tales

Heads and Tales - Winston Churchill the writer (part 2)

Episode Summary

Winston Churchill wasn't a politician first. He made his living as a writer.

Episode Notes


The phrase "his/her place in history" gets tossed around a lot. It's used by journalists, politicians, and commentators as if it's a seat on the Number 12 bus, and you need to be in the right spot when it hits Picadilly Circus.

Heads and Tales

text and drawings by Jim Stovall

In his forward to this book, Ed Caudill says:

"Jim Stovall writes in the introduction that he is “trying to caricature people.”  He succeeds, perhaps ironically in light of the fact that writers themselves are inevitably – sometimes tragically, sometimes commendably, usually unintentionally – caricaturing culture. This collection careens along the gamut from rich and famous to downtrodden and obscure.  Some of them, the readers will know. Others, I would take long odds, are unheard of among the perusers of this volume. There any number of lesser knowns whose names are fleeting but whose work is durable, whether in politics, 

letters, sciences, or elsewhere. Some are masters of other media, such radio or cinema or illustration."

Jim Stovall is a former journalism professor who writes and draws obsessively and occasionally inflicts his work onto an unsuspecting and largely undeserving public.

David Reynolds